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Permit To Carry Weapons Class
Posted on Wednesday July 17, 2019
Permit to Carry Weapons Class Schedule for July, August and September

Weapon Permit Classes for 2019

JULY 20th Saturday @9am


SEPTEMBER14TH Saturday @8am

These classes are available and free for Carroll County residents only.

You do not need register in advance for the class.

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office announces that we will be offering FREE weapon's classes which will provide you with the certification that you need to acquire your permit to carry, which also acts as a permit to purchase. This class is available only to residents of CARROLL COUNTY; you will need to present a current driver's license or ID card. With the steady increase in violence and all the uncertainty and negativity by some blindly pointing fingers at our 2nd Amendment Rights the demand for permits to carry is sure to increase. As a pro 2nd Amendment Sheriff I want to help the residents of Carroll County obtain the finest training available and I consider this a public service. Also I feel it is much more beneficial to receive this type of interactive training versus watching a class on a computer with no chance for student-instructor interaction. Please be aware if you already have a current permit to carry you DON'T need to take a refresher course unless you feel it would be of value.

You can fill out the application for a permit to carry at the class and pay the $50.00 fee for the permit the night of the class. That way you don't have to come back to the Sheriff's Office during the day to do it. We do not take credit cards so you will need to pay by cash or check.